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Carly Faye DeLong

New Years Eve of 2016, Carly was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).
Throughout treatment, she refused to be defined by her diagnosis.
She continued to attend class and volleyball practices whenever possible.
Even when she couldn’t play, she traveled with the team, determined to make it back on the court.
With every mis-step and set back, she came back stronger and more determined than before. This same determination to succeed and push through boundaries and obstacles was the way Carly lived her life even before her cancer diagnosis. She was always setting high goals and pursuing them with passion.
Carly never gave up, she never gave into her diagnosis.
On September 23, 2017, Carly’s battle with ALL ended, but the legacy she left behind will carry on because of the imprint she left on so many lives.

This is how we plan to do it.

2020 Athletic Scholarships

2020 Athletic Scholarships

Carly always believed in,
“work hard,
play hard”

2020 Academic<br />

2020 Academic

Supporting girls as they achieve academic excellence.

GLO:<br />
Girls Lifting Others

Girls Lifting Others

In-hospital photo shoots… because you’re always fierce.

Want to join our mission in supporting young women pursue their athletic and academic goals or show of their fierce selves in our hospital glammer sessions?

2020 Scholarship Winners

We are excited to share our 2020 Scholarship recipients!

Academic Scholarships

Congratulations to the 2020 Carly Faye Foundation Academic Scholarship Award Winners, Lauren Brougher and Kearstin Powell!
Lauren is a graduate of Catholic Central HS where she attended since preschool. While in HS she was on the varsity soccer and swim teams for 4 years. She was involved with student ambassadors, math warriors, National Honors Society and was student body president her senior year. She will be attending the University of Pittsburgh to major in Biology with a premed path.

Kearstin is also a graduate of Catholic Central HS. She was a 4 year member of the Volleyball team. During high school she was also involved with student ambassadors, peer minister, math warriors, Key Club, and National Honors Society. She will be attending the Ohio State University and majoring in Radiologic Sciences and Therapy.

Athletic Scholarship

Congratulations to our 2020 Carly Faye Foundation Athletic Scholarship Award Winner, Emmie Jackson!

Emmie is a graduate of Troy HS where she played varsity Volleyball. She also played several years of club volleyball for the Champagne County Sharks. Emmie met Carly through Sharks and says they became best friends immediately! “She (Carly), is the reason for my success in volleyball and why I have earned a spot on the Women’s Volleyball Team for Wittenberg University”.

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We’re dedicated to continuing the life of excellence,
determination, and fearlessness led by Carly.


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